significance of christmas decorations &how to share love and light to others this season…

the true spirit of christmas is love

Every year we celebrate, busting jingles all over the place Christmas lights shining bright sitting so gracefully on the evergreen tree or maybe white you decide your vibe which ever,

We look forward to the warmth of reuniting with family, the excitement of unboxing presents, finally after days of trying to guess and wondering what’s inside the box with your name.

The presents make the atmosphere merry but the variety of food, cookies , cakes and christmas candies are too tasty to resist. I always look forward to that too no doubt…

But…. what is the reason for the season The simple answer is the celebration of love and redemption which we have freely received from our ever loving father. This redemption is not biased therefore the redemption is for everybody, thus christmas is for everybody and no one should be excluded because we as individuals have all being redeemed through the sacrifice of Jesus.

In this season we are to share love, positivity, kindness and joy. Reach out to someone next to you and be a blessing. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford a present ‘its not what’s under the tree that matters it’s who’s gathered around it’. You may not even have a tree but don’t let that stop you keep your spirits up, be merry and spread love it’s what’s really in your heart that matters.

Almost every place you go to now has a hint of christmas decorations, i always grew up with the idea that during christmas decorations had to be hung up it was the ‘Christmas tradition’ but i didn’t really have a clear idea of the significance of those decorations. so we will briefly scheme through some very Common symbols in Christmas decor and get to know their significance.

The star which is usually placed on the top most part of the tree signifies the prophecy of Jesus coming as a star, a Scepter which will rise from Isreal.( numbers 24;17)

The holly which is placed on the tree signifies the crown of thorns which was worn on Jesus head. And the berries attached to the holly are usually toxic signifies christ salvation for us ( Redeemption). we sing the common Christmas song deck the halls with boughs of holly…..

The socks which are very common items for decoration signifies gifts which we will receive. actually the origin of this story was from a man named saint nick who was very rich and lost his parents and gave most of his wealth to those in need and it was said that he would usually drop money into the socks of children hanging on the line.

The J candy very nice and common Christmas candy and decor signifies the staff of a shepherd(which is Jesus) to lead.

The evergreen tree this is actually the most used Christmas decor and its called evergreen because of its unchanging nature it signifies the unchanging nature of christ

. The Christmas light this signifies the light that jesus brings into the world to eradicate every darkness.


Happy holidays….


Mans search for meaning

Welcome to the first episode of bryony post . If you are reading this you probably have read what this blog is about but for those who haven’t seen it yet. Just sit back and listen I’ll tell you all about it in a bit.Bryony post is centered at helping individuals including children in their day to day lives and to inspire them to achieve their dreams and never give up and no matter what life throws at their faces they should always come back stronger and ready to take up any challenge.

Our motto in the bryony fam is to“ live to inspire “ As you read this blog I want you to be inspired everyday to never give up on yourself and always aim high.

You may be wondering what is mans search for meaning? As individuals we have different things that give us meaning in our lives some may say God,money, career accomplishment, family, happiness,children or even a spouse.

I am not disputing any of this answers because they are things which some people actually hold close to their hearts. But take a few minutes and really think about it what actually in your life do you have or are you still searching for that gives your life meaning. This is a very personal question but most often a lot of people miss the relevance of it in their lives that is why most times some people have no purpose in their lives and end up becoming people pleasers. As they don’t know their purpose in life they just follow others blindly.

Now we need to establish the fact that man ( an individual whether male or female) needs a purpose in their life to give them meaning. Often if you see someone who knows their purpose in life, you notice that that person is focused on their set target and they are not easily swayed by the activities of other people. However when he/she looses focus of their purpose they are now easy targets and are prone to follow destructive paths paved by others. Luckily some of them end up following people who have a purpose and with time they begin to find themselves again and possibly their purpose but sadly this is not always the case.

Also parents have a huge role to play in helping their children discover and achieve their purpose. However parents who impose certain things on their children like career or sport are not helping their kids but rather they are killing the true potential of their child rather parents role is to observe their children from when they are young and notice their abilities and as they grow they should encourage their kids to go into activities of their strong areas and from there they can guide them and help nurture them until they find their own purpose.

Also put into consideration that loss of hope and courage could have a deadly effect on an individual. No matter what know that you are worth it and if you have come this far reading this thank you for taking out time to read this post. I hope this inspires you to think about your purpose if you have not discovered it yet: you just really need to spend them to reflect on yourself as a person and set out a plan for your life, what you want to achieve and where you see yourself in the nearest future. Also if you have discovered your’s I encourage you to keep your focus on your target you can make it. And also having a role model who you look up to can help shape your purpose in life and keep you in check.

Thank you for reading see you in my next blog,I would love to see your comments on this blog, like and share

Quote of the day:

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how” – Dr Viktor.E. Frankl

Blogger recognition Award

How I started my blog…

Advice for upcoming bloggers….

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. And if I’m being honest I got so busy with school and I just kept on making excuses as to why I haven’t written these past days. So getting nominated for this award by Infirmier and Geraldine really just brought back the thoughts of the reasons I decided to start blogging. I actually feel beyond honored and I’m super excited that others read my blog and feel like I should be recognized. I highly recommend you check out Infirmier’s and Geraldine’s blogs they are both amazing writers who channel positivity and faith in their works to help others.

Visit: https://infirmierishimwe.com/ and https://odysseybuddy.wordpress.com

How I started blogging:

Honestly I was just a girl who wrote occasionally in my journal. And I began to understand that writing was kind of like a therapy for me, it made me happy and it always got my brain excited cause I’ll just have so many ideas and feelings I want to put down on paper. And I decided to start a blog not just to share my ideas but to inspire others too. Also I had just started my medical journey as a doctor I’m aspiring to be a pediatrician so I decided to focus my blog on children, family and healthy lifestyle and share my experiences and research on things regarding that aspect. I fell in love with poetry so I began to write bits of poetry too. I hope one day I’ll be able to achieve my goals and encourage others to “live to inspire” and never give up!

Advice for new bloggers:

My advice for new bloggers is that if your passionate about starting a blog just do it! The longer you keep putting the idea away you may eventually never start. I actually did that too but I realized I just had to give it a shot and start regardless. Just make your research find the niche of the kind of blog you want to start and I’ll advice you go for one that you have interest in.

Also as an upcoming blogger I’ll advice that you don’t get discouraged by the audience viewing your blog although some days you may feel like giving up blogging. But don’t give up yet just keep on improving your blog you will get there. I also hope to be able to reach a large audience someday but it’s all a gradual process.

My nominations:

These are the links to other amazing writers I really enjoy reading their works. Reading your works motivates me to do better.

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You’re just been too dramatic...
It’s only just a sound ...
You’re been spoilt and difficult...
Stop acting out...
You’re so insensitive...
Princess and the pea..
You have spoilt brat syndrome!!

You’re probably wondering how do these 🙄 relate with autism. well just hold on you’re about to find out.

Generally as children grow up they tend to be difficult, annoying and stress their parents and those looking after them a lot. Which is quite normal and seen as just a phase they will grow out of eventually and most often parents fail to realize that these behaviors might be pointing towards autism. You will get to understand why 🤔….

Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction,communication and repetitive behavior. It is a “spectrum disorder” with wide variations of types and symptoms experienced by individuals. Usually symptoms appear in the first two years of life but most times it can be discovered later in life.

The causes are unknown but genetics and environmental factors play a huge role too.


  • Having siblings with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Having older parents
  • Having genetic conditions(individuals with Down syndrome,fragile X syndrome, Rhett syndrome are most likely to be affected by ASD
  • Very low birth weight


  • Making little or no eye contacts ( parents and others may think the child is jut being shy)
  • Tending not to look or listen to people ( interpreted as still being shy)
  • Failing to,or being slow to respond to someone calling their name or attempts to gain their attention.
  • Having facial expressions movements and gestures that don’t match what is being said
  • Having unusual voice tune that may sound sing-song or flat and robot like.
  • Not understanding others point of view.


  • Repeating certain behaviors for example repeating words (known as echolalia)
  • Having lasting interests on certain topics like numbers,details or facts ( this is one strength area of ASD individuals their usually very smart)
  • Getting upset by slight changes in routine
  • Being less sensitive to other people sensory input like light,sound,noise,temperature
  • Sleep problems



  • General developmental screening: this is usually done during child checkups.It is recommended by the American Academy of pediatrics that all children be screened for developmental delays at their 9-,18-,24-,30 months (for a well child,the visits are usually in 18-24 months) but these checkups are really crucial for children surrounded by “risk factors”. And the parents experiences are also evaluated via questionnaires to help come up with diagnosis of their child’s condition.
  • Additional Evaluation: A team of doctors and other professionals come together to assess cognitive level/thinking skills, language abilities,age appropriate skills needed to complete daily activities independently like eating,dressing ,toileting.

Also due to the complexity of ASD other tests like blood and hearing tests are also conducted.


Usually they are first recognized by their parents and teachers in school.And then evaluated by their schools special education team before they are referred to a primary health doctor for further diagnosis.


Most times diagnosis in adulthood is difficult because most symptoms are overlapping with other mental disorders like anxiety,attention-deficit disorder,bipolar disorder,obsessive compulsive disorder,depression,schizophrenia,psychotic features, cyclythemic disorder,borderline personality disorder,schizo-typal disorder,avoidant personality disorder, complex post traumatic stress and lots more and often times ASD patients are misdiagnosed with these ☝️

Getting the right diagnosis helps adults understand past difficulties when they were younger also to know their strengths in order to obtain the right help. And help their parents/care givers understand the reason why they acted they way they did. It wasn’t because they were spoilt( or all those names I listed at the beginning) they too didn’t know that they were sick.


ASD is a life long disorder but treatments and services like behavioral,psychological and educational therapy can help. Also certain medications can be prescribed to reduce irritability,Aggression,hyperactivity, attention problems and anxiety.

So when next you notice certain behaviors in your children or just people around don’t be quick to judge them and give them names they may have ASD

Autistic individuals are people too learn to show them love and try to understand them. ❤️


A lot of people have properly heard the word diabetes and most often people just have the the idea that diabetes is just a condition that results from consumption of lots of sugar but that idea is not far fetched from what really diabetes represents. So let’s discuss more about this condition and get to find out the facts about this condition read along as we dive into this discussion….

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by a high blood sugar level over a prolonged period of time. It is also known as “ diabetes mellitus”.

It occurs as a result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin or the cells of the body not responding properly to insulin. (NB: insulin is a peptide hormone produced by beta cells of pancreatic islets which regulate metabolism of carbohydrates,fats and protein by promoting absorption of glucose from blood into liver, fat and skeletal muscle cells.) when insulin is low in blood it acts opposite and causes catabolism especially reserve body fats.

Symptoms: frequent urination(polyuria), increased thirst, increased appetite (polyphagia),unintended weight loss.

Signs: Blurred vision, headache,fatigue,slow healing of cuts,itchy skin.


  • Prediabetes: this condition occurs when an individual’s blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be called diabetes mellitus.
  • Type 1: this condition results from pancreas failure to produce enough insulin due to beta cell loss. It must be managed with insulin injections it mostly occurs in children as it’s sometimes called “juvenile diabetes”. It is partly inherited with multiple genes ( HLA genotypes) it usually occurs at any age, the body size of individuals are usually normal size or thin.
  • Type 2: this condition begins with insulin resistance, cells fail to respond to insulin properly, it’s also called “adultonset diabetes mellitus”. Most common cause is combination excessive body weight and insufficient exercise. prediabetes which is impaired glucose fasting or glucose tolerance usually progresses to type 2 diabetes.
  • Gestational diabetes mellitus: this condition is similar to type 2 condition occurs in pregnant women it is a combination of relatively inadequate insulin severe ruin and responsiveness. It may be transient but can affect fetus( risks like high birth weight,congenital heart and central nervous system abnormalities and mother ( usually after pregnancy Diabetes improves after delivery but mostly type 2 and another form might be found.)

Other types are: Maturity onset diabetes mellitus of the young (MODY) which is a rare autosomal dominant disease.

Lifestyle of Diabetic individuals: Type 2 can be caused due to lifestyle factors and genetics like obesity, lack of physical activity, poor diet,stress and urbanization. Dietary factors like sugar-sweetened drink is an increased risk, fats In diets such as saturated fats( in animal fat products ) and trans fat ( in peanut butter, margarine, creamers and frozen dinners) are high risk, while polyunsaturated fat( in nuts,vegetable oil,fish) and monosaturated fat ( in olive oil, animal flesh,whole milk products) are reduced risks.

Complications: in type 1 when blood does not move well through legs and feet, if left untreated it might lead to amputation, coma and even death also it can affect the eyes,kidneys,nerves and the heart.

Prevention: there is no known measure for prevention of type 1 but type 2 which occurs 85-90% cases world wide 🌎 can be prevented/delayed by maintaining normal body weight, engaging in physical activity,eating healthy,dietary changes( more whole grains and fiber), choose good fats,limiting sugar beverages,eating less red meat and smoking cessation. Also diabetic patients should be careful when doing physical activities as even just a little injury will require a longer healing process and might have complications.

Treatment and management: The main goal is to focus on keeping blood sugar levels close to normal without causing low sugar level. And taking appropriate medications such as insulin and oral medications like metformin. Weight loss surgery can be done on those with type 2, pancreas transplant can be considered for type 1 also kidney transplant.

Diabetic emergencies 🚨

People with type 1 might experience episodes of diabetic ketacidosis( DKA) characterized by nausea, abdominal pain,vomiting, the smell of acetone on breath. In sever cases low level of consciousness. low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) is common in type 1 & 2 patients in mild cases sweating, trembling,seizures, changes in behavior ( aggressiveness), pale skin can occur and can be self treated by drinking something high in sugar. Severe cases can lead to unconsciousness, brain damage and even death and must be treated with intravenous glucose or injections with glucagon.

Foods to avoid
- fruit flavored yogurts and fruit juice rather choose plain youghurts.
- sugar sweetened beverages rather take water and a slice of lemon.
- white bread,pasta and rice rather choose high fiber bread
- sweeten cereals for breakfast rather choose protein based breakfasts
- flavored coffee drinks rather take plain coffee/espresso with a tablespoon of creame
- Honey/maple syrup rather use natural-low carb sugar
- Dried fruits rather eat fresh fruits and vegetables
- packaged snacks rather snack on nuts and veggies.

It has also been discovered that people with Adverse childhood experiences(ACE’s) like abuse, neglect and household difficulties tend to suffer diabetes not in all cases though. Also type 2 diabetes can be hereditary so if either your parents or previous generation has history of diabetes there is the tendency of inheriting the condition so you have to be cautious. If you already have diabetes your main goal is to stay away from unhealthy fats, liquid sugar, processed grains and other food that contain refined carbs.

It might be tough but following the guidelines makes it easier

Remember to Check your blood sugar regularly 😉

And if you don’t have diabetes you should still reduce your intake of too much sugar because remember “ diabetes begins when something disrupts your body’s ability to turn the food you eat into energy”.

FACE BLINDNESS AND PROSOPAGNOSIA “why you may be face blind”

I’m sure most people have no idea that face blindness is an actual condition. personally I was oblivious about this disease too but I came across this condition In a movie and I decided to learn more about it. So no worries if you were like me in the beginning you will get to know everything about “face blindness”. Let’s get into it …..

Face blindness is a brain disorder characterized by the inability to recognize faces” it’s also called prosopagnosia ( which is derived from Greek words “prosopon” meaning face and “agnosia” meaning non-knowledge). Normally it is a cognitive disorder in which the ability to recognize familiar faces including ones own face ( self recognition) is not possible but other areas like their visual processing like object discrimination and intellectual functioning like decision making are intact.

Affected area: The fusiform gyrus of the temporal lobe which allows people recognize faces in more detail than they do similarly complex inanimate objects is affected. The right hemisphere fusiform gyrus is more involved in familiar face recognition than the left.

Causes: it can be a “congenital” or “ developmental” form. But if acquired; prosopagnosia can develop as a result of neurologically damaging causes like: vascular causes ( e.g posterior cerebral artery infarcts (PCA’s) , hemorrhage in infero-medial part of temporal areas. Other etiologies are: FFA damaging stroke,carbon monoxide poisoning, injury from an accident, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Coping mechanism: the acquired form is most often found in adults and such individuals might have been able to recognize faces earlier though in the congenital form the individual the individual never adequately develops the ability to recognize faces.The developmental form affects children and it’s very difficult for them to cope. Affected individuals tend to cope by using clues to identify others like their hair, dressing style , gait(walking posture), voice and facial features like teeth,jawline.

Symptoms: social anxiety, trouble with movie characters, difficulty remembering names.

Treatment and tests: there is no cure for face blindness but individuals can be helped to recognize faces better. Tests like computer trading programs, famous faces test( individuals are asked to recognize famous people’s faces). Also Benton facial recognition test ( BFRT) access face recognition skill.

Most of the time children with this condition are overlooked because they might appear to be “very shy” and slightly odd but this is due to their inability , they might not be able to follow plots of Tv so “cartoons” are more preferable as characters tend to wear the same clothes. Also they have difficulty in school socializing with their classmates too as most teachers may be unaware. Individuals with this condition tend to pretend to know what’s going on trusting they will eventually figure it out. They may be misunderstood as being snubs, self centered, cold or intentionally being forgetful. But truthfully it’s not their fault, they are mostly lonely and loose friends a lot which hurts and embarrasses them. Be more sensitive to people around you 😃

How long can you go without peeing? Risks,complications and concerns…

Hey lovelies welcome back to bryony post it’s been a minute. Have you ever been so engrossed watching your Favorite show on Netflix and you can’t just afford to miss any scene, maybe your probably just too lazy to wake up and get off from your bed, or just too busy with work or assignments and just can’t get up to go to the bathroom; some times tears even begin to well up in your eyes 👀 forcing you to find the nearest bathroom. You’re not alone we’re all guilty of that offense 🤫 and it will surprise you to know that it carries with it serious complications. A brief summary of what goes on inside your body 👇

The bladder is an organ in the pelvis part of your urinary system which works with your kidneys; it stores the urine produced by the kidneys until it’s ready to empty (urinate). Normally the bladder has the capacity to hold 500ml but once it reaches 300ml a nervous communication from the brain signals the bladder to contract. The urine is a liquid by product of metabolism in humans and animals it contains water,salt,urea, Uric acid other excesses which need to be removed;it’s taken to the bladder via a tube called “ureter”. Holding urine isn’t a problem but when it becomes a habit then it’s harmful and causes possible side effects.

What happens when you’re Urinating: The urethral sphincter(a muscle which controls the bladder outlet) and pelvic floor muscles relax and the bladder contracts to release urine out of the body.

Possible side effects:

  • Pain: there’s this sharp pain usually felt at the region of the abdomen whenever pee is held in for too long. That pain you’re experiencing is as a result of over stretching your bladder or kidneys. Usually even after you finally get to urinate you realize that the pain isn’t completely gone the reason is the muscles in your bladder still remain partially clenched due to over stressing of the bladder this may make you experience pelvic cramps.
  • Damage to pelvic floor muscles:As I said the over stretching of the bladder greatly affects the muscles of the bladder( urethral sphincter) and also other muscles in the pelvic region. A good way to strengthen this muscles is by doing “pelvic floor exercises like kegels”. It prevents leakage and also aids repair muscle loss.
  • Urinary tract infections: it hasn’t been directly proven that pee retention causes UTI’s but if a person has history of UTI or if he/she doesn’t take enough liquids the bladder wouldn’t be able to tell the body when to pee. Thus the harmful substances in urine that are supposed to be removed build up and causes bacteria to spread in the body. Some symptoms of UTI’s are : bloody urine, foul smelling urine, pain in pelvis/abdomen, off colored/cloudy urine and burning/stinging feeling during urination.
  • Kidneys stones: this is a very serious issue it is as a result of urine containing more crystal-forming substances like calcium,oxalate, uric acid than the fluid which urine can dilute and excrete from the body.Thus forming stone crystals in the kidneys. It is cause mostly by insufficient drinking of water and consumption of high calcium-rich and oxalate foods. It can be treated depending on the size of the stone either by taking lots of meds and fluids or through operation to surgically remove the stones.
  • Bladder stretching: This can’t be over emphasized the moment urine begins to enter the bladder it begins to stretch to accommodate the liquid. If urine is held for far too long the bladder becomes over stretched. What then happens…. will the bladder burst? Well not literally but yes the bladder will be so overstretched that it looses it’s ability to retain urine at all and so it’s unable to control and store urine( urinary leakage ). A “catheter” inserted into a person suffering from an overstretched bladder to help drain urine from the bladder.

Healthy bladder tips:

  • Urinate at least 4-8 times a day no more than twice a night.
  • Try not to go to the incase, feel the urge to pee (going before bed is sensible)
  • Drink plenty of water (6-8 cups a day) and eat fruits
  • Include fiber in diet
  • Don’t have too much caffeine( it irritates the bladder)

Tips to reach the bathroom in time :

  • Cross your legs while standing ( it compresses the ureter and prevents more flow of urine into bladder)
  • Pass gas ( gas adds pressure on the bladder preventing it from releasing urine)
  • Pee right after waking up.

A pro tip: women should sit on toilet seat rather than hover it.

Hope you all enjoyed this episode don’t forget to try this tips and try as much as you can to not hold your pee for way too long. I’ll be starting a health series beginning with today’s post and subsequent episodes that will be coming up so make sure you turn on post notifications and follow my blog 🥰 so you won’t miss out it’s going to be enlightening. Also leave your comments.

Acrostic Poem

B is for Bountiful, you’re so rich to me,
R is for Rational, without you I am a fool.
Y is for Yes, we love you every day!
O is for Outrageous, you’re just so fun.
N is for Nifty, you’re talented at what you do. Y is for yes, we love you everyday.

Count your rainbows not your thunderstorms

Wait for breakthroughs not failures

Aim for victory not defeat

Seek for truth not some fairytale

Need your felicity not calamity

Forsake the bad and not your good

Challenge your fears not your faith

Shoot for skies not solid grounds

Kindle for light not darkness

Retain your joy not agony

Continue your truce not your scuffle

Write your perspective not your orthodoxy

Speak for justice not impropriety

Discover your purpose not inanity

Regain your freedom not captivity

Begin your journey not your standstill

Choose you..🤍


Hey there ……

It’s a beautiful day, I was just resting and a thought just randomly crossed my mind the reason why most times we find ourselves not been able to move forward but rather stuck in the same place is simply because “ there are certain things in our lives that need to be gone”. Sometimes the best way to move on is to let go.

Let go of the past and set your mind on the future.

Let go of resentment and embrace love ❤️.

Let go of the pain cause it will only hurt you more.

Let go of the failures and look forward to success.

Let go of unforgiveness and be free.

Let go of fear and be odacious.

Let go of comparison and be you.

Let go of things you can’t change and focus on things you can.

Let go of doubt and have faith.

Let go of insecurities they don’t define you.

Let go of pride and be humble.

Let go of sadness and be happy.

Let go of pleasing everyone and do you.

Let go of disappointments and focus on better days.

Let go of greed and be contented.

Let go of darkness let light radiate.

Let go of what if’s and if only’s you can’t change the past but you can shape the future.

Let go of excuses and try new things.

Let go of heartbreaks and heal.

Let go of toxicity and be safe.

Let go of unrealistic expectations.

Personally I believe if you find yourself still clinging on to some of these things you need to let them go to be in a better state of mind and also in order to make progress in your life because these things if you refuse to let them go they will continue to make you a prisoner in your own life and hinder you from improving and accomplishing your goals.

Do you think there are things in your life that you have refused to let go ? Let them go today and enjoy a burden free life. Thank you for reading 😃. Don’t forget you can always comment your thoughts I look forward to reading them.


Expectations can be defined as ones beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future. They are things that are most likely to occur often times they are a reflection of an individuals personal goals and things they want to achieve at a certain time. Growing up everyone has expectations of what they want to achieve in future but most importantly parents also have expectations for their children also.

However that it is not a bad thing to have expectations for your children or for an individual to have his / her own personal expectations.

But Before we dive into the discussion about thetrap” ….

Let’s talk about what reality actually means; Reality is a state of things as they are, sometimes they can be things seen or unseen. It is a reflection of personal views, relationships which In turn come together to form expectations. Life has a way of slapping you into reality.

Most times a lot of people assume that expectations and reality are synonymous but they are mistaken clearly they are two entirely different terms but they both play a role together and walk hand in hand and I will Give some examples to show why …


Studying for 10 hours a day


Managing to study for at most half an hour


You expect a friend to always help you


Sometimes they won’t be there for you


You expect to win always


Nothing is constant in life you have to fail to learn

A lot of people are oblivious about how expectations and reality cross paths. And they end up falling into “THE TRAP”. The issue does not just lie in the fact that the individual is not able to differentiate between both but also he/ she not being able to strike a balance between both. Most people are cut between cross fires because they set their expectations too high and at the end when reality dawns on them and they are not able to achieve their expectations it becomes an issue; they begin to doubt themselves and feel like they are failures. However most people find themselves trapped as a result of other people’s expectations for them for instance their parents, relatives, friends and sadly social media.

It’s no doubt that every parent wants to see their child succeed but most times they push them too hard and expect too much from their kids. Rather their expectations should not be far fetched but be kept on an average so as not to pressurize the child, also relatives and friends should do the same. Social media is filled with conflicted reality and most times they are not real so if an individual uses that as a critic for his / her expectations it may lead to disappointments.

How to manage expectations

Expectations sometimes rob one from fully appreciating reality , it’s a 50/50 chance just like two sides of a coin and can result to either a positive or a negative reality. Often times we are just carried away about our expectations that we fail to try and savour the little things that we have currently in our lives. Learn to be appreciative of the things you have and set expectations that are obtainable and not way too above you. Thank you for reading today’s episode, stay tuned to bryony post for more content. Love you all…

“Better to accept reality and expect nothing than to expect everything and then experience reality”


You were once happy, doing things you love, hanging out with friends and family. Your days were filled with laughter and smiles. But all of a sudden that changed … but don’t worry there’s still hope

Gradually as depression begins to set in an individual begins to loose interest in certain things that were once important to them. And nothing just gives them satisfaction anymore. You might have tried by all means go get back to your normal self but it doesn’t seem to work no matter how hard you try then you have come to the right place : you will learn how to handle depression like a pro

Getting over depression is not as easy changing from dirty clothes into clean ones it’s a totally different ball game all together and it requires a whole lot of effort and self will.you can’t force someone who is depressed to just go back to their old lives rather the individual has to decide that he/she is done been depressed and decide that it’s time to take control of the reins and kick depression out for good.

I know you’re probably wondering can we just get the tips already… stick around and you will find out !

Here they are

Pro tip 1:

JOURNALING: This usually helps to ease depression instead of bottling it up inside why don’t you get a book which you can write about your day in.Give it a fancy name if you like or call it your diary or journal. Daily you can decide to update your journal about what is going on with you, what your feeling and what you’re grateful for each day. It helps to keep your mind free and in check.

Pro tip 2:

MUSIC: Music always lightens up your mood even if you aren’t in the mood for it, you might not be the best dancer who cares ! turn on your radio and play the songs that you used to like. And just just dance and let your self go shake off all the sadness and just feel the rhythm of the music. I assure you will feel so much better after dancing and probably get memories of the times you were happy and danced to these songs.

Pro tip 3:

SOCIALIZE: depression can make being in the company of other people seem like torture. But if you are really determined to leave this phase you have to come out from your comfort zone. Socialize more often pick up your phone face time your family members or friends, send them emails or texts. Visit parks, go hiking , go to the zoo, hang out with your friends, go to the movies. Try and do this more often and just be surrounded by people especially those who love you. Don’t isolate yourself talk to others.

Pro tip 4:

MEDITATION: Yoga is a very good meditation exercise you can practice it . when you wake up in the morning take a walk around your neighborhood enjoy the solitude of nature, admire the birds in the air, the trees and enjoy the breathe of life. Listen to calming and inspiring songs to keep your mood elevated as you start your day.

Pro tip 5:

RELAX: make sure you get adequate sleep for at least 8 hours most times people battling with depression find it difficult to get adequate sleeping patterns. So get your sleep pattern in check ✅

DAILY AFFIRMATIONS: Don’t let yourself stress or overthink a situation whenever you get the hint of negative thoughts ( cognitive distortions). Say things like My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil,I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions. Repeat positive things to yourself.

Pro tip 6:

Pro tip 7:

EAT HEALTHY: often times individuals who are depressed tend to abuse food, either by over eating or under-eating mist even abuse junk food. As a pro you have to change your eating habits eat more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Pro tip 8:

PRACTICE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: To overcome that feeling of lack of love and self pity turn the table around why don’t you practice unconditional love to others visit your friends surprise them with a gift. Just Do something nice for others. When you constantly show others you care they would reciprocate your actions too.

If you start practicing this steps you will be come a pro and depression will be thrown out of the window in no time. I love you guys so much and so I’m giving you guys a gift 🎁….

Everyone loves presents right

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